SYMTECH 2019-National Conference on Allied Healthcare in a Technology Driven Ecosystem

Concept Note

Technology in the last two decades has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered worldwide. Differing standards of education, lack of uniformity in designation & work profile of Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) are some of the definite concerns globally. Skill creation and skill enhancement is a felt need in the field of Healthcare, of which AHPs are an integral part.

AHPs play a range of roles from health promotion, health improvement and early intervention to disability and palliative care. Currently there is transition from single point of care to a multidisciplinary health team approach for obtaining betterment of patient outcomes whereby AHPs are emerging as an important work force supporting diagnosis, recovery and quality of life (QOL).

Therapeutic and diagnostic departments in hospitals like intensive & critical care units, blood banks, clinical laboratories, dialysis department, cardiac catheterization laboratory, nuclear medicine, radiology, radiotherapy, operation theatre and anesthesia departments employ AHPs. Presently there is increasing demand of AHPs in medical equipment companies, homecare industry, medical imaging industry, standalone dialysis centers, diagnostic centers &services, academic institutes, simulation centers, IT industry and research.

Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) under the aegis of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is one of the leading institutions in India that is imparting knowledge and practical skills in major domains of allied healthcare sector such as Respiratory Therapy, Cardiac Care Technology, Imaging Science, Dialysis Technology, Operation Theatre &Anesthesia Technology, Clinical Laboratory Technology, Radiotherapy and Biomedical Instrumentation.

With disruptive technologies and desired better patient outcome, the multidisciplinary AHPs need to be developed and nurtured towards skill development, quality enhancement and patient safety for achieving a well-orchestrated and efficient healthcare delivery.

In consonance with these transformative paradigms Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS), has organized a National Conference on SYMTECH 2018 - “Allied Healthcare in a Technology Driven Ecosystem” on Friday 4 th January 2019 & Saturday 5th January 2019.

The objective of the conference is to empower allied healthcare professionals, promote development, inculcate advanced technology to clinical practices, and understand emerging diagnostic & therapeutic modalities, innovation, quality assurance, accreditation and regulation in allied healthcare, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and skill enhancement. The conference will provide a platform for researchers in the field of Allied Healthcare to exchange their ideas and forge new collaborative partnership and interaction with India’s leading technocrats in the field of Medical technology. The conference will bring industry experts, academicians, medical professionals, technologists & the hospital sector together to deliberate the concerns, challenges and advancements in the field of Medical Technology. The conference intends to grow over time and attract more societies in the field of Allied health professionals in the future.

Proposed Schedule

Day I (Friday, 4th January, 2019)



Registration & Breakfast

07.45am – 08.30am

Keynote Address

11.00 am -11.15 am

Tea Break & Stall Visit

11.15 am-11.30 am

Plenary session – Changing Paradigms in Healthcare: Evolution of Simulation

11.30 am -12.30pm

Inauguration Ceremony

12.30 pm -01.15 pm

Lunch Break & Poster Gallery

01.15 pm -02.00 pm

Panel discussion: Quality, Regulation and Accreditation

02.00 pm -03.30 pm

Paper Presentation

03.30 pm -04.00 pm

Tea Break & Stall Visit

04.00 pm -04.15 pm

Session I: Contemporary Clinical Practices

04.15 pm -06.15 pm

Wellness Programme

07.00 pm -08.00 pm


08.00 pm -09.00 pm


Day II (Saturday, 5th January, 2019)



Registration & Breakfast

07.45am – 08.30am

Session II: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities

08.30 am -11.00 am


11.00am -11.30 am

Tea Break & Stall Visit

11.30 am -11.45pm

Session III: Sustainable Business Models & Expanding Horizons of Research

11.45 am -01.15 pm

Lunch Break

01.15 pm -02.00 pm

Session IV: Careers in Allied Healthcare Sector

02.00 pm -04.00 pm

Valedictory Ceremony

04.00 pm -04.45 pm

High Tea



Day II (Saturday, 5th January, 2019)

Session Type Title Topics
  Innovation in Healthcare Technology  
1. Welcome & Introduction to theme - Innovation in Healthcare Technology
 Pre Conference Workshop 2. Innovation in Healthcare Technology – “CEO SPEAKS”


3.“ Walk The Talk With Innovators”
  4. “ Skill Development” – Hands-on Training of advanced techniques in Allied Healthcare Technology


Day II (Saturday, 5th January, 2019)

Session Type




  Plenary session

  Changing Paradigms in Healthcare: Evolution of Simulation

1.      Importance & Challenges of Skill Training in Allied Healthcare sector

2.      Simulation based pedagogy for Allied Health Professionals

3.      Opportunities in simulation based training

Quality Regulation and Accreditation

1.      Standardized Care and Patient Safety


Panel discussion

2.   Occupational Safety


3.  Quality Assurance for Allied Health Professionals


4.      Regulating Allied Healthcare Sector




Session – I

Contemporary Clinical Practices

1.      Clinical Correlation of Specialized Lab Investigations

2.      Image Quality in Radiology

3.      Nightmares in Cath lab

4.      Pain Management

5.      Pre-dialysis Education: A change in clinical practice

6.      Challenges in Mechanical Ventilation





Session – II

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities

1.      Pulmonary Rehabilitation & Sleep Studies

2.      Newer Modalities in Anaesthesia Technology

3.      Silent MRI

4.      Prognostic Significance of Screening in Cardiology

5.      Recent Advancements in Cancer Diagnostics

6.  Recent Advancements in Metabolic Diseases

7.  Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy



8.  Newer Diagnostics & Therapeutics Modalities


Session III

Sustainable Business Models & Expanding Horizons of Research

1.   Sustainable Business Models

2.   Expanding Horizons of Research



Session IV

Careers in Allied Healthcare Sector

1.      Skill Enhancement – Igniting minds

2.      Soft Power – Transforming careers

3.      Competency mapping – Paradigm shift in recruitment

4.      Employability Opportunities – Local & Global - Panel Discussion



5. New careers in Allied Healthcare Sector

Registration Fees
Sr. No. Delegate Category Registration Dates
    Up to 30th September, 2018 From 1st October, 2018 onwards
1 Outside Students Rs. 5500/- Rs. 6500/-
2 Industry Professionals & Non- Student delegates Rs. 6500/- Rs. 7500/-
Registration fees inclusive of:
  • a) Registration Kit
  • b) Pre-conference Symposium
  • c) Conference sessions- All
  • d) Breakfast, Tea, Lunch & Dinner on 4th January, 2019
  • e) Breakfast, Tea & Lunch on 5th January, 2019
  • f) Transport from S. B. Road, Pune to SIU, Lavale, Pune & back to S.B. Road, Pune on 4th January 2019
  • g) Transport from S. B. Road, Pune to SIU, Lavale, Pune & back to S.B. Road, Pune on 5th January 2019
  • h) Wellness Programme on 4th January, 2019